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When we look at old photographs of our grandparents and great grandparents, there is a sense of nostalgia — whether it’s from the film photograph itself or the feeling of longing, mystery looking at our loved ones at a different time. Our time here is fleeting. Memories fade, and the cliché is true that photographs are all we are left with. That is why Mari created Impermanence. To embody the feeling of transience in the photographs, we create today.

Grainy, film-like presets that make us feel the way we feel when we look at loved one’s old photographs tucked away in a dust-covered trunk in the attic. Remembering this human experience is a short one, and these snapshots are all that is left.


What's Included

The Impermanence set from Mari Trancoso contains a total of 12 BW presets.

Installation instructions

Navigate to the Develop module in the Lightroom app.
In the Presets panel, click the plus (+) icon and choose ‘Import Presets’ from the menu.
Select the file/s from the downloaded folder.


Mari Trancoso
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