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Inspired by these powerful storms, the Tempest Crepuscular “sunbeam” color profile and the Nimbostratus “Atmospheric” B&W Profile create contrast between dark and light.

The Crepuscular Profile mimics the light that can be observed radiating through the clouds after a thunderstorm. Like the Nimbostratus clouds, the B&W Profile in this set gives you a multi-level look to your work. On darker images, decreasing the profile amount will emulate a lighter, more matte finish. On photos that are evenly exposed or brighter, increasing the profile will produce silvery and bold images. Embrace the beauty, the magic, and the mystery of Tempest.


What's Included

The Tempest Set includes 1 BW & 5 Color Presets, plus 2 creative profiles

Installation instructions

Navigate to the Develop module in the Lightroom app.
In the Presets panel, click the plus (+) icon and choose ‘Import Presets’ from the menu.
Select the file/s from the downloaded folder.


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