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In 2013, the world was hit by an apocalypse that almost completely destroyed humanity and turned the surface of the Earth into a poisoned wasteland. A handful of survivors took refuge in the depths of the Moscow metro, and humanity plunged into a new Middle Ages.

The year is 2033. A whole generation has grown up underground. The besieged station cities are fighting among themselves for survival, and terrible mutants roam outside the cities.

Your name is Artem. You were born in the last days before the earth burned down, but you grew up underground. Before, you have not yet left the city limits, but the fateful event made you go on a desperate journey to the very center of the underground labyrinth in order to warn the survivors of the monstrous threat looming over them.

From the abandoned underground underground, your path will lead you to the surface, to the wild abandoned lands, where your actions will decide the fate of mankind.

But what if the real threat is internal?

Metro 2033 Redux is the most complete and best version of the iconic Metro 2033, re-created with the 4A Engine for the latest generation gaming systems.

Fans of the original version will see how the Metro world has been transformed with incredible lighting, physics and changing weather.

Players unfamiliar with the series will get one of the best story-driven shooters in the history of the genre – an epic adventure that combines exciting Survival Horror, exploration, tactical combat and stealth.

What appeared or changed for the better in the game mechanics in the sequel Metro: Last Light has been carried over to Metro 2033 Redux – great AI, interface, animation, mechanics of handling weapons and much more. New and experienced players alike will have something to admire.


Minimum Requirements

OS: macOS 10.9.5 Mavericks or newer
Processor: 3.2 GHz Intel Core i5
Memory: 8 GB RAM

Installation instructions

Run the downloaded package and follow the standard installation procedure.
The installation is completed by choosing a path for the game.
It is recommended to specify the Applications folder.


Interface Languages
x86 (64-bit)
8.38 GB
Not required (DRM-Free)
Release Date
28 Aug 2014
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