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AI War 2 is a sci-fi space strategy in which you have to go to an alternative future and try to defeat an enemy created by the people themselves …

The game takes place in the vast world of an alternative future, in which a certain artificial intelligence has developed to such an extent that it has created a new race. At the same time, the race of artificial intelligence, as it turned out, was extremely hostile towards all living organisms, without exception, and its army had already managed to capture the entire galaxy. The only thing that the AI ​​did not take into account is you – you are the one who can prevent everything and restore peace in the galaxy.

The gameplay in the game AI War 2 is quite simple and is based on traditional strategic mechanics. But at the same time, the game still fascinates with the gameplay and the possibilities that it provides. You will fight in the vastness of outer space, build bases and create space stations, conquer new territories of the galaxy, and do much, much more.

The most important advantage of this project is that in it the developers have created a truly living world, filled with different races, factions, and more. In total, there are six different factions in the game at the moment, and each is unique in its own way.

The gameplay combines elements of hacking, as well as global comic strategy in an open world. The galaxy lives independently of the player and constantly comes around something. In comparison with the first part, the game has undergone several changes. First of all, a global optimization was carried out, which made it possible to ensure work on any PC. The gameplay has also been refined, the interface has been improved, a lot of new content has been added, the graphics have been redesigned and much more. Among the special features are new voiced dialogues and music for several hours, which immerses you in the unique atmosphere of the game with your head.


Minimum Requirements

OS: macOS 10.9 +
Processor: Dual Core 64bit CPU (2.2+ GHz Dual Core CPU or better)
RAM: 4 GB of RAM

Installation instructions

Run the downloaded package and follow the standard installation procedure.
The installation is completed by choosing a path for the game.
It is recommended to specify the Applications folder.


Interface Languages
x86 (64-bit)
1.92 GB
Not required (DRM-Free)
Release Date
22 october 2019
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