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Age of Wonders: Planetfall is a strategy game from Triumph Studios, which developed the popular Age of Wonders series. In the new game, you can try out exciting turn-based battle tactics and a well-thought-out system of state development, familiar from the early parts of the series, in a sci-fi universe.

Build your empire by leading one of six unique factions, including the belligerent Vanguard, cybernetic Assembly zombies and the brave Amazons who tamed the dinosaurs. Show cunning, resilience, courage and the wonders of diplomacy to create your own utopia. Learn the history of a lost civilization as you explore ruined planets and meet other surviving factions. You have to fight, build, trade and develop technology in a single-player campaign with a deep storyline, in worlds that are created in a random way, or compete with friends in a multiplayer game.

Further information:
Tactical turn-based battles in a sci-fi universe.
Develop your own strategy to win intense turn-based battles. At your disposal are many factions, customizable squads and destructible environments.
A rich and sophisticated world.
What is the secret behind the fall of the galactic empire? Learn more about the fate of the Star Alliance as you explore beautiful worlds, wild wastelands and vast metropolises. Fight against rival factions and find evidence of long-lost technologies.
Building a planetary empire.
The future of the colony depends on you. Develop technology and take over the development of society. What attracts you more – the ideal army order or concern for the environment?
Lots of ways to win.
You can achieve your goal by defeating and enslaving enemies, playing subtle diplomatic games, or creating frightening technologies.
Various game modes.
Thanks to a well-thought-out single-player campaign with a random environment generator, the new part of Age of Wonders can be played for a long time. Try new tactics in skirmish mode and play online the way you like – over the Internet, behind a single screen, or in asynchronous play.


Minimum Requirements

OS: macOS 10.14 +
Processor: Intel Core i5 (3rd Generation)
Memory: At least 8 GB

Installation instructions

Run the downloaded package and follow the standard installation procedure.
The installation is completed by choosing a path for the game.
It is recommended to specify the Applications folder.


Interface Languages
x86 (64-bit)
6.92 GB
Not required (DRM-Free)
Release Date
6 august 2019
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