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Fusion is the industry leader in visual effects overlays, broadcast graphics and 3D animation. Over the past 30 years, using this package, Hollywood studios have created over a thousand world famous blockbusters and television films. Its powerful interface is based on nodes that allow you to quickly and easily add additional image elements.

Provides support for 3D space and virtual reality, the ability to network rendering on any number of computers and GPU acceleration. Thanks to a huge set of functions, Fusion will help you to qualitatively change any material, be it a broadcast program, a TV series or a full-length art picture!

Create effects with custom templates
Fusion templates let you create any kind of effects and apply them to clips on the edit and assembly pages by dragging and dropping from the library. After the combined image is obtained, it is enough to save it as a macro, set the parameters necessary for displaying and press the Save button.

Automatically Retime Animations
Automatically change the timing of animation
These modifiers let you stretch or compress keyframes and add different types of animations. It automatically adjusts when titles or Fusion effects are placed on the timeline and the timing of the composition is changed.

Video Step
Sync Animation to Sound
Fusion now allows you to play an audio track from the Timeline of the Edit or Build page. For listening, you can select the resulting mix or the track of the original clip. A waveform is displayed in the keyframe window for exceptionally accurate audio-sync animation.

Custom Vector Shapes
Using vectors
Vectors with different shapes (ellipses, rectangles, polygons, stars, and Boolean operators) make it easier to work with graphics when creating complex designs, and mesh, shake, offset, and transform help you customize animation settings. In addition, forms can be used as sources.

GPU Accelerated Resolve FX GPU Accelerated
ResolveFX Plugins
The Fusion page has 27 new GPU-accelerated ResolveFX plugins. They allow you to perform noise reduction and restoration of the image, increase the sharpness, add blur, light and color effects. In addition, there are tools for texturing and styling, temporary processing, adjustments and retouching.

Personalize Your Workflow
Personalize your workflow
Node tabs provide easy navigation to any element of the composite image, and customizable panels allow you to quickly switch between tools depending on the current task. Vertical configuration options free up additional space for displaying spline windows and keyframes when animating.

The world’s largest blockbusters
The Fusion software suite is used in a huge number of projects that are becoming the most visible events in the world of film and television. With his help, the films “Ant-Man”, “Red Sparrow” and “The Fall of London” were created, as well as a number of popular TV series, including “Empire”, “NCIS” and “The Apparition”. In addition, Fusion plays a large role in rendering scenes from video games such as “Dawn of War III” and “Halo 5”.


What's new

Addressed a potential lag when using Fusion custom tools.
Addressed incorrect preview results with viewer LUTs.
Addressed an issue with loading LUT files in drfx bundles.

Installation instructions

Unzip the downloaded archive and launch the “Blackmagic Fusion Studio 17.2.1 Mac” image.
Follow the standard installation procedure. Don’t run programs.

Open the “Crack” folder and use the executable files to activate.
For your convenience, instructions are attached to each file.


Blackmagic Design Inc
Interface Languages
ARM, x86 (64-bit)
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Included: Crack Files
macOS 10.14.6 +
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