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BetterTouchTool will help you fully customize and debug the process of entering information on your Mac. It’s about keyboard shortcuts, mouse movements, widgets in the Touch Bar, remote triggers, and the like. The app isn’t just a simple control point for all of the above – it really expands on standard Mac capabilities, allowing you to create the most comfortable workspace possible.

BetterTouchTool Key Features

Use All Input Devices
The most unique feature of BetterTouchTool is the list of monitored input devices. Use the trackpad, Magic Mouse, regular mouse, keyboard, Touch Bar, iPhone or iPad (with BTT Remote), Siri and Apple Remote to get the most out of your actions.

Customize the Touch Bar
BetterTouchTool allows you to reimagine the Touch Bar and give it the look you want. Your Touch Bar will be able to capture unique triggers that perfectly complement the way you work, from fine-tuning existing configurations to creating new function keys and even defining the gaps between elements on the panel.

Create any keyboard shortcuts
Forget Command + C! The limited set of hotkeys you use on a daily basis hinders your productivity. With BetterTouchTool, you can not only save new extended keyboard shortcuts for any device, but also come up with unusual combinations, movements, gestures, and even drawings to replace standard options.

Target specific apps
Sometimes you want to use convenient keyboard shortcuts differently in different applications. BetterTouchTool will allow you to do that too. For each combination you create, you can assign applications in which it will work, and in which it will be disabled. This opens up a ton of options for reformulating your keyboard for specific programs.

Save with Clipboard Manager
Besides simply replacing existing keyboard shortcuts with new ones, using BTT gives you access to several advanced features such as a built-in clipboard manager for copying multiple items at once and a powerful screenshot tool that lets you adjust your images on the fly. These are at least two additional applications that you do not need to install.

Write Your Own Widgets
If AppleScript, custom URL schemes, and web server HTTP requests are what you do every day, you can use your skills in BetterTouchTool to create your own Touch Bar widgets. Among the most popular are cryptocurrency trackers, weather forecasts and price movements on the exchange.


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Installation instructions

Mount the image and move the application to the Applications folder.
Run the application and give it the required permissions.
Apply the license file simply by running it.


Andreas Hegenber
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x86 (64-bit)
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macOS 10.13 +
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